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  • Sue has represented me for several years. At the time she took my case, my ex was about to receive unsupervised visitation. DCFS on two different occasions has recommended that my ex receive sexual predator assessments. Although the future brings no guarantees, my ex has supervised visitation, and it now occurs at a facility, instead of through his family members. Each year that my child is protected from possible abuse is a blessing. – E.M., Cook County, Illinois
  • I am a father with sole custody of my child. Sue obtained child support for me , and protected me from an attempt to significantly change custody and visitation schedules. She worked closely with me and supported my desire to raise my child in a manner consistent with my faith. Most importantly, Sue and I became good friends, which made the process much less stressful. I trust her. – A DuPage County Dad
  • The father of my child is verbally abusive with me, and has a serious history of substance abuse. Sue believed me when I told her my concerns. She convinced the Child Representative and the Judge that my ex’s sobriety is an important issue. She understands that my child needs a father, but he must be sober and consistently present in my child’s life in a manner that meets my child’s best interests, not his whims. Sue coached me on how to deal with the daily conflict between us , reinforcing my right to have boundaries in my ex’s communication with me, and helped me to be emotionally strong and confident. She had to physically step between us at the Courthouse when he verbally attacked me, and showed no fear. She remained calm and focused, even when my ex verbally attacked her. Somehow, despite all the chaos caused by the litigation, we manage to have a laugh and enjoy the personal relationship that has developed from Sue’s professional representation of me. – Cook County Parentage Mom
  • My case involved rather complicated financial issues, as I am a business owner. My spouse complicated the proceedings in a multitude of different ways, financial, emotional, psychological, etc. Sue absolutely understood the nature of my business, and was able to stay one step ahead of my spouse’s attorney. In addition, Sue did a fantastic job with respect to working with and controlling our financial expert. Early on, Sue and I identified my most significant priorities—my beautiful children. My goal of joint shared custody was achieved. We also had a solid plan to protect my income and assets, to the extent possible. – C.C., Cook County
  • Sue came highly recommended to me. She managed to complete my divorce on an uncontested basis. She worked closely with my ex, making her feel comfortable, while achieving my financial goals. I avoided maintenance, have joint shared custody of my kids and walked away from the settlement with approximately $400,000 more than I thought I would be able to keep as my share of the marital estate. Most importantly, Sue worked with me to stay calm and focused during a period in my life when everything was changing at once. I am in a great relationship, and not only see my kids whenever I want, but they stay with me 50% of the time. It was hard to imagine several years ago that I could be so happy. I still keep in touch with Sue periodically as a friend. – A Chicago Trader
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