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Hidden Assets

Identifying Assets Hidden From You

Dividing property and determining financial support require more than a “big picture” approach. A complete picture is vital to ensure that any monies allocated are based on all the facts. In an effort to tip the scales in their favor, some spouses hide property and income from their soon-to-be ex.

At Susan E. Kamman & Associates, we are dedicated to in-depth research and investigation of hidden assets to ensure that our clients receive a truly fair division of all marital property. We use subpoenas to trace the money trail.

Getting to the Facts of Your Marital Assets

Attorney Susan E. Kamman combines skills as a fierce litigator and a savvy negotiator. She is an experienced divorce lawyer who understands that she has the future of her clients in her hands. She takes that responsibility seriously, and supplements her legal knowledge with the expertise of forensic accountants and other financial professionals.

Uncovering all assets impacts the division of monies and property. Spouses who hide assets and income streams must be held accountable for denying not only their spouse of marital assets, but also their children of necessary support. Through discovery and subpoenas for records, we get to the facts, not the fiction perpetuated by an unethical husband or wife.

Legal Advocacy Based on Your Specific Needs

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