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Gifts and Inheritance

Protecting Your Wealth and Securing Your Financial Future

In property division, gifts and inheritances, as well as the income they generate, are not always considered non-marital property. During the divorce process, you need an advocate who will focus on protecting your valuable assets. You have a future to think about, and that future is our focus at Susan E. Kamman & Associates. The attorney you select for an important milestone in your life can make a difference.

Non-marital property, such as a gift or inheritance, is not jointly titled. Simply stated, the court cannot divide non-marital property, but there are exceptions. For example, spouses can agree to terminate the non-marital property as part of a divorce. Commingling the funds in checking, savings or stock brokerage accounts or using sale proceeds to purchase what will be considered a jointly titled asset makes the property a gift to the marriage and, as a result, a marital asset.

You also may have a claim for reimbursement if marital funds are diverted to non-marital property. Non-marital property is relevant to the percentage allocation of marital assets in a property division, as well as for income purposes in the calculation of child support or maintenance.

Vast Experience and Comprehensive Knowledge in Protecting Inheritances

At Susan E. Kamman & Associates, we team with forensic accountants to track paper trails and obtain the necessary documentation for the division of property. You need an attorney with skills and acumen when it comes to sophisticated financial matters involving gifts and inheritances.

Regardless of the value of non-marital asset such as a business, gift or inheritance that you are seeking to protect, Susan E. Kamman combines her experience and legal knowledge with a comprehensive understanding of financial issues and effective resources. High net worth clients come to us because of her dedication and track record for success.

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