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Post-Decree and Divorce Modifications

Reliable Legal Guidance in Post-Divorce Modification Cases

Life is ever-changing. A good settlement agreement and/or parenting agreement should grow with your changing life, and should minimize future litigation due to lack of clarity. As time passes, it may be necessary to modify your agreement. For example, your child may have graduated from high school, and it is time to stop child support.

Regardless of whether you are seeking a modification to an existing divorce or paternity agreement, or your former spouse or partner is seeking the change, Susan E. Kamman & Associates can help you protect your rights. We put years of experience and up-to-date Illinois family law knowledge to work for you.

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Handling Chicago Area Post-Decree Divorce and Paternity Cases

There are numerous reasons that one party or another may seek a change to an existing divorce or paternity agreement. Those reasons could include:

  • Change in employment
  • Desire to relocate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Medical issues
  • Change in marital status
  • Emancipation of a child
  • Occurrence of a triggering event (e.g., former spouse remarries)
  • Maintenance review

If you worked with a previous lawyer whose work in handling child custody (parental allocation), child support or financial issues did not match or provide for the changing needs of you and your family, we will protect you now. We also have significant experience in post-decree enforcement of Court Orders, such as for failure to pay support.

Our Goal is to Help You Reach Your Goals.

We provide clear guidance and a pathway to real solutions for you so you can reach your goals. Rely on Susan E. Kamman & Associates for your post-decree litigation issues. Call 847-241-4156 today to schedule a one-hour consultation at one of our offices in Lake Zurich and Antioch or reach us online.