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Maintenance and Alimony

A ‘Big Picture’ Approach to Spousal Maintenance

Retaining an attorney with expertise in establishing lifestyles following a divorce is vital. The first step is attending to every detail of spousal maintenance agreements. Maintenance, or what we used to call alimony, is support paid by one spouse to the other. The process is complex, and goes beyond income and expenses. You need a dedicated divorce lawyer who will combine her comprehensive knowledge with the help of financial and insurance professionals. Significant changes were implemented in 2015 and 2016 that provide clear guidelines for when maintenance is appropriate, how it should be calculated, and the length of the maintenance.

Susan E. Kamman can serve as a fierce litigator or savvy negotiator. While negotiating spousal support is preferred, she does not shy away from the courtroom. That approach is necessary to secure the best outcome for Mrs. Kamman’s clients, whether they are paying or receiving maintenance.

Addressing Your Immediate and Long-Term Needs

In addition to identifying all income streams and calculating debts, an attorney must rely on the in-depth knowledge of a network of experts. At Susan E. Kamman & Associates, we enjoy access to respected professionals to estimate insurance costs for private policies and disability benefits now and in the future. We also assist in making sure you understand the tax implications of your support to ensure the net amount meets your lifestyle needs. Simply stated, the goal is to permit you to establish a new lifestyle similar to the one you enjoyed in your marriage.

Personalized Advocacy and Protection of Your Rights

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