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Family Law Mediation

Get the Mediation Support or Coaching You Need

Mediation is not only required for individuals with parental allocation issues (and, in some counties on financial issues) in Illinois, it also is a highly effective and efficient tool for resolving disputes. While not every couple is a prime candidate for reaching agreement through the mediation process, those that do often get better results in a faster timeframe than those that do not.

Having a trained mediator facilitating the negotiation and having a clear understanding of your rights in the process are key elements to a successful resolution. At Susan E. Kamman & Associates, we provide skilled mediation services on parental allocation and financial issues. We also coach clients involved in mediation to ensure complete understanding of the process, identification of important issues and possible settlement scenarios prior to meeting with the mediator.

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Getting the Most From Your Mediation

The quality of your mediator will make a difference. Not all mediators are qualified to understand the legal implications of your agreement in mediation. A poorly drafted Memorandum of Understanding can result in additional mediation and attorneys’ fees. You should be able to rely on your mediator to be fully informed and to provide neutral information that is accurate and timely.

Trained at Northwestern University, and with extensive parental allocation financial litigation experience, Susan E. Kamman offers the knowledge you will need to negotiate complex issues such as:

It is also important to go into your mediation sessions with the knowledge and preparation necessary to have a clear voice when pursuing your rights in any settlement or agreement. As a mediation coach, we provide clear guidance and training that you can take into any mediation setting to be effective.

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Whether you are seeking an informed neutral mediator, a mediation coach to help you protect your rights, or an experienced lawyer, we have the knowledge, experience and skill set to be effective. Call us today at 847-241-4156 or contact us online to set up a one-hour consultation in our Lake Zurich and Antioch office.