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Uncontested Divorce

Top-Notch and Proactive Representation for Your Uncontested Divorce

While proactive and aggressive representation is essential in a contested divorce, an uncontested divorce still requires the same level of top-notch legal advocacy. If you and your spouse have agreed to take a cooperative approach to your marital dissolution, you still need an experienced attorney to develop cost-effective, long-term solutions, or provide proactive settlement documents to prevent future litigation.

A Forward-Thinking, Experienced Attorney Addressing Current and Future Issues

Preparation is key in drafting all types of divorce decrees. Planning for any outcome is paramount. While your divorce may be free of dispute now, there is no guarantee that post-marital relationships will remain peaceful. Before you take a “do-it-yourself” approach, contact Susan E. Kamman & Associates for help with:

If your goal is to avoid the expense of an attorney, costs down the road will only be greater should disputes arise over a poorly drafted divorce decree. Attorney Susan E. Kamman focuses on your “big picture” when she writes all documentation involving your divorce action. All agreements and settlements should be self-executing and hold up to future scrutiny should disputes arise.

Illinois Divorce Attorney Helping to Secure Your Future

Even if your divorce is uncontested, a seasoned lawyer is vital. Susan E. Kamman & Associates focuses its entire practice on family law. For a one-hour consultation to discuss your rights in a contested divorce, call us at 847-241-4156 to schedule a consultation at our Lake Zurich or Antioch office, or contact us online.