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Same-Sex Marriage or Civil Unions

Dissolution of a Same-Sex marriage or Civil Union in Illinois requires an experienced lawyer possessing a thorough and ongoing knowledge of family law. Significant milestones in life combine emotional issues with complex legalities. At Susan E. Kamman & Associates, we provide individualized techniques and strategies to resolve your unique problems.

Helping Clients Begin and End Civil Unions and Same-Sex Marriages Throughout Illinois

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Illinois. Civil unions — formally recognized as same-sex or heterosexual partnerships — honor unions between two people. At Susan E. Kamman & Associates, we help our clients through the process.

Upon the enactment of the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act in June 2011, civil unions became a new classification under the law. The act provides benefits and rights for all couples:

  • A partner can be covered under the other partner’s insurance coverage.
  • Health decisions can be made by one partner if the other becomes incapacitated.
  • A partner can inherit assets and property in the event of the other partner’s death.
  • Each partner has certain rights and protections should the relationship end, similar to divorce and paternity cases.

The Customized Strategies and Representation You Need

To schedule a one-hour consultation with Cook County civil union attorney Susan E. Kamman, call 847-241-4156 for an appointment in Lake Zurich or Antioch. You can also contact us online.

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