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Parenting Time

Easing the Post-Divorce Transition for Children

In any divorce-related agreements involving children, their best interests come first. Courts recognize this principle, as do we. Reputable mental health professionals also see the value of sons and daughters of divorce enjoying time with both parents in the absence of abuse. Divorce is disruptive, and children are entitled to the best possible transition during a difficult time for all family members.

Parental allocation (formally known as Child-custody) attorney Susan E. Kamman tailors her approach based on the specific needs of her clients and their children. Mediation is required in parental allocation (formally known as custody and visitation) cases in Illinois. Mrs. Kamman also believes that it is the best way to maintain an environment of cooperation for the children. It is better for parents, rather than strangers such as judges and psychiatrists, to decide what is best for their children. Still, while she is a skilled and savvy negotiator, Mrs. Kamman will not hesitate to try cases on behalf of her clients and their children.

Working With You to Find Agreements and Closure for You

Parental allocation mediation requires thorough preparation. At Susan E. Kamman & Associates, a major part of that preparation involves coaching you on the process. Vital data is gathered from custody evaluations by health care professionals. We provide individualized attention to each visitation or parenting time case we handle. Different clients have different issues. Disputes range from minor to highly contentious.

In the end, we want to assert and protect the rights of both mothers and fathers during and following the process. Should the other parent seek to relocate to another state, we will resume our dedicated advocacy in looking out for your rights and your children’s best interests.

Representation Tailored to Your Needs

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