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Creating a Parenting Plan

Parenting Plans/Parental Allocation Judgments to Ease the Transition

Parenting plans are an important part of divorce. They are meant to minimize the disruption children experience when their parents’ marriage or relationship comes to an end. The goal is to foster growth and development and continue relationships with both parents, absent any abuse. You need an experienced and savvy lawyer to help you in creating a parenting plan/parental allocation judgment while protecting your rights and putting the best interests of your children first.

Protecting the Rights of Our Clients and Their Children

Parenting agreements, now referred to as “parenting plans” or “parental allocation judgments” encompass the needs and rights of both children and parents.  At Susan E. Kamman & Associates, we conduct thorough investigations that are necessary to determine what is in the best interest of the child or children. Specific aspects of effective parental allocation judgments include:

  • Residency
  • Parenting time
  • Holiday and summer schedules
  • Decisions on education, religion and medical care
  • Locations where children are exchanged
  • Transportation costs of those drop-offs and pick-ups
  • Caretaking functions

As children grow and mature, their needs change. Different problems arise. A parental allocation judgment can proactively lay the groundwork to resolve future disputes and keep post-divorce life peaceful.

Representation Focused on Your Family’s Needs

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