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Custody and Visitation

Helping Clients Protect Their Parental Allocation Rights

For many parents, the hardest questions to resolve during a divorce involve Parental Allocation issues. Even outside of a marriage, a parent who does not have the majority of parenting time and wants to protect his or her rights may have to litigate. Effective January 1, 2016, the Illionois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act has been revised dramatically. We now look at “parental allocation” and “parenting time” rather then “custody and “visitation”. These are complex issues that demand not only a lawyer with a sophisticated understanding of Illinois law, but an advocate who is willing to get involved with your case.

At Susan E. Kamman & Associates, our attorneys are passionate about serving the needs of clients. We vigorously pursue your rights in and out of the courtroom, and put proven experience and results behind your case.

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Parental Allocation Representation In and Out of the Courtroom

Parental allocation judgments and parenting plans can be a complex debate, even when both parties are actively engaged in a negotiation or mediation process. Defining which parent will provide the primary domicile, when you can and cannot see your kids, and who makes important decisions are naturally contentious, even in the best circumstances.

In Illinois, all parents are required to take a parenting class and, if they cannot work issues out between themselves, attend mediation. We now are required to present a parenting plan to the court within 120 days of the case being filed. We work hard to provide clients a cost-effective path to dispute resolution during a parental allocation dispute. We coach you for mediation sessions so you are informed, prepared and decisive in sessions. We also prepare your case for litigation in the event we need to fight for your parental rights.

The courts have substantial latitude to define parental allocation rights, and the new legislation is open to moral interpretation. The preparation of your case, the documentation of your concerns, and the arguments put forth on your behalf make a difference. As the actual testimonials of our clients indicate, our firm will support and fight for your parental rights through results-focused attention and knowledgeable counsel.

Whether you are an unmarried or married parent fighting for parental allocation rights and time, your child needs protection from a violent or abusive spouse or parent, or you need informed guidance to devise a workable parenting plan schedule, we are there for you.

Let Us Protect Your Parental Rights

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