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Child Support Attorney In LAKE ZURICH & ILLINOIS

Illinois Child Support Guidelines and You

Illinois has adopted an income-share approach to calculating child support. The new statute looks at both parties net income, as well as the number of overnights each party has with the children. A skilled attorney can persuade the court to arrive at a favorable calculation of net income, protect your dependency exemptions, and advocate for a favorable contribution to health insurance premiums, unreimbursed medical expenses, extracurricular expenses and childcare expenses.

Mrs. Kamman has years of experience on child-support issues, and has led a statewide team of attorneys and judges in looking at how the laws should be changed. Mrs. Kamman tracks all pending legislation and reads each support case in detail to ensure you receive the benefit of the latest developments in the law.

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A Clear Financial Picture and a Fair Result for You

Child support is essential to your child’s well-being and development. When calculating support, discovery of the noncustodial parent’s financial assets, cash-flow position and a clear accounting of his or her actual income and expenses is absolutely critical. Whether you are trying to calculate child support responsibilities as part of a divorce or paternity settlement, or you are involved in the post-decree modification of a support matter, we put sound strategies and reliable knowledge behind you.

We also help you come to a reasonable agreement on other financial obligations for your children such as:

  • Unreimbursed medical expenses
  • Extracurricular activity costs
  • Parochial school tuition
  • Insurance costs
  • Childcare expenses
  • College expenses

We are proud to be recommended by our current and former clients, and respected by our peers. The initial calculation of support sets the stage for any future calculations of your support obligation. Whether we can achieve resolution by settlement, or we need to try your case to obtain the best possible result, we stand ready to be your zealous advocates and compassionate coaches.

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