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Do you want joint physical custody?

When Illinois parents go through a divorce, they are likely to have to face several issues during the process. Property division and spousal support are two of them. However, if children are involved, then it’s likely that you will have to go through an added stage called a child custody hearing. If you are seeking joint physical custody of your children, the following information is just for you.

Avoid speaking ill of your spouse

No matter how true your claims are of your estranged spouse, it is best to keep them to yourself. This means not sharing them with your children, friends, or especially on social media where your posts can be used as evidence. The reason for all this is because the courts will likely see you as a vengeful parent and thus may not grant you joint physical custody. In addition, it can ruin any parenting plan you may have in mind.

Don’t attempt to make it about you

The courts have one job and one job only, which is to rule in favor of the parent who will provide the best life for the child. Thus making it about how your estranged spouse ruined your life and how they are being unfair is not a winning strategy. Concentrate on demonstrating to the courts how you will be providing a good life for your child.

Stick to firm ground

One of the most common mistakes parents make during a child custody hearing is overpromising their intentions. Understandably, parents want to demonstrate to the courts that they have the child’s best interest at heart. This can lead to overpromising how much time they will spend with the child and the life they will provide. Even if it does lead to a positive ruling, you may end up having to do it all over again if your former spouse reports that you have not met your end of the deal.