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The problems faced in second marriages

Residents of Illinois would be hard-pressed to name more than a handful of days on which they were happier than the day they entered into marriage. But the unfortunate truth is that about half of these unions will end in divorce. And the chances of enjoying a lifelong union decrease for people who enter a marriage for the second and third times.

The divorce percentages for people who are married for the second time is 67%. Individuals brave enough to marry for the third time face a 74% chance of divorce. Several reasons may explain the higher rates of divorce for people married more than once.

Emotional baggage

The experiences accumulated in life often play a role in the future behavior of individuals. This fact is no different for individuals who have already endured the pain of divorce. People with a past that includes a traumatic emotional experience sometimes develop a fear of intimacy and have trouble committing their entire heart to someone. These fears make it hard to enjoy a happy, long-term marriage.

Money matters

Money can become an issue in any relationship. But for people entering into second marriages, the financial situation is often more complicated due to issues like child support and spousal support payments resulting from a previous marriage. Money matters often instigate intense emotional responses. Resentment is possible when one partner feels the financial baggage carriage by their spouse is negatively affecting the couple’s present finances.


The institute of marriage provides the framework for raising children. And children that result from marriage often become the glue that holds the union together. This glue may not be present in second and third marriages, which tend to produce fewer children. It can also become a chore for individuals involved with second marriages to deal with the stepchildren they inherit.

No one gets married with the thought of ending the relationship with a divorce. However, this is the fate shared by more than half of the married individuals in America. Individuals considering a divorce may benefit from a consultation with a family law attorney.