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How to learn the art of divorce negotiation

Most people who pursue a divorce are doing so for the first time. Therefore, no spouse is an expert at going through a divorce. Entering unchartered territory with so much uncertainty can be terrifying, and it can cause divorcing spouses to act in strange and uncharacteristic ways.

If you are considering filing for divorce but you’re worried about successfully negotiating with your spouse, it’s important that you take the time to consider your strategy. Don’t put all of your cards on the table before you have a good strategy for how to win the game. The following are some tips to master the art of divorce negotiation.

Arm yourself with knowledge

You can’t be a good negotiator if you are not sure about your rights and about the process in general. Therefore, before moving forward, make sure that you understand how Illinois laws apply to your divorce. By knowing your rights, you’ll be able to act confidently when you need to.

Decide on what you want

You need to draw up a realistic view of what a successful divorce settlement means for you. Perhaps you don’t care about keeping the family home, but you want to make sure that you’ll have custody of your children. Alternatively, you might be focused on making sure that you get a good alimony settlement since you are worried about being able to earn an income in the future.

Be a non-toxic communicator

While it’s only natural to feel angry, hurt and resentful during a divorce, try to prevent these emotions from impacting your divorce negotiations. You will not benefit from acting out of anger or a need for revenge. Instead, try to see both sides and adopt a strong but calm persona when going through the process.

If you want to go through a divorce, invest time up front in putting together a divorce negotiation strategy.