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Mediation allows you to stay in control of your divorce process

For many people, the most stressful thing about divorce is the loss of control. It often seems like everything is in the hands of the courts. That can be an intimidating situation, especially for someone who likes to manage their life carefully.

Divorce can cause serious upheaval in your financial situation, as well as your social life. It is very difficult to predict how a judge will divide your assets or allocate parental responsibilities and rights. Thankfully, there are options that can give you more control over the divorce process. If you believe it is possible for you to work together with your ex, divorce mediation might be the solution you need.

Mediation allows you to file an uncontested divorce

If you and your spouse successfully complete mediation, you will present the courts with your own terms for asset division and child custody in an uncontested divorce filing. The courts will have to review these documents to ensure that they comply with state law. However, provided that they do, you will have effectively set your own terms for the divorce.

Filing an uncontested divorce has many benefits, including the control over the outcome of the process. You can also look forward to a more streamlined divorce process that likely costs less than a contentious divorce through the courts.

Divorce mediation doesn’t work for everyone. The main drawback of mediation is that it requires compromise from both spouses. Some people are not capable of working with their spouse. Also, situations such as severe addiction or an abusive dynamic between spouses may preclude mediation as an option.

No, you don’t have to be on great terms with your ex for mediation to work

Some people imagine that mediation only works in those highly publicized Hollywood divorces where both spouses pretend that they’re still best friends for the positive media exposure. That simply isn’t the case. In fact, you don’t even have to be in the same room for mediation to work.

You and your attorney can stay in your own room, and the mediator can travel between you and your ex to facilitate decision-making. You don’t have to address the issues that led to the end of your marriage, only the terms of separating from one another. What matters in mediation is that you have the ability to compromise with your ex.

You must be flexible on certain terms and committed to working with your ex to find a solution that is acceptable to both of you. If divorce is looming for you in Illinois and you worry about the loss of control over the outcome, mediation may be the ideal solution. Mediation empowers you and your ex to make decisions that work well for your family.