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Divorce and the holidays: You can handle both

Divorce is never easy. You might have to make decisions on who gets the house in Lake Zurich, who gets the kids for holidays, and even where the family dog is going to live. With the holidays right around the corner, it may seem like an impossible task to start the divorce process and manage the stress of the season. Fortunately, is it not as difficult as it may seem.

With a little bit of preparation and planning, you will be able to handle the holidays in the midst of your divorce. For some tips on overcoming the challenges, read below.

Schedule in advance

Do not wait until the last minute to make a holiday schedule with your ex-spouse. Instead, start planning as early as possible and try to shield your children from any conflicts you and your ex are having about the schedule. In addition, stay respectful and be open to compromise. Remember, your children will want to spend time with both of you during the holidays. Do what you can to make sure they get enough time with each of you.

Be open about the change

Be open and honest with your children about the changes that are a result of your separation and impending divorce. Tell them what the changes are and how they will affect the holidays and other aspects of their lives.

Embrace the new but keep the old

If your children have a favorite holiday movie or activity that they like to do every year, be sure you plan for those activities. However, it is also important to create new traditions for the new environment. Ask your children for ideas and let them be creative so that they feel like they have contributed in some way.

Remain grateful

Remember to show gratitude for everything that you have, including your children. This will set the atmosphere for your household and allow you to focus on the positive while dealing with the challenges that come with divorce.

If you are facing divorce, there are things you can do to survive the holidays. Not only will the above tips help you manage, they will help your children through a difficult time.