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Parenting provisions: Parent participation in a child’s education

When parents get involved in the education of their children, everyone benefits. The parents can make sure their child is receiving the best education possible, the child in school feels supported by the parents, and teachers are better at being more effective in their jobs.

However, sometimes following a divorce, one parent will not take interest in participating in one’s child’s or children’s educations. Alternatively, one parent might try to prevent the other parent’s participation. As such, parents may therefore want to make their expectations about school participation clear in a parenting provision.

Example provisions relating to parent participation in schooling

Parenting provisions are specific language and sentences that parents include in their child custody and parenting plan agreements. By including the following parenting provisions about school participation, you can get clear about your expectations with regard to how you and the other parent will participate:

  • Both parents can participate and will be encouraged to participate in school activities like athletic events, open houses, parent-teacher conferences and social events.
  • Both parents are responsible for staying informed about school activities pertaining to their child.
  • Parents must communicate information about their child getting taken out of school early, missing a school day or needing to arrive at school late.
  • Both parents agree that their child will attend every school day until he or she graduates, or unless there is a valid excuse to miss class that both parents agree to.
  • Parents must give their children time to finish homework and study, even in cases where homework interferes with the parents’ time with the child. Parents will communicate with each other about currently pending homework assignments and studying that needs to be completed by the child.

Parents can get creative with their parenting provisions

Illinois parents may want to think creatively about the parenting provisions they will include in their parenting plans and child custody agreements. By thinking ahead, and getting clear about expectations, parents can make their lives as single co-parents a lot easier later on down the road.