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Planning for your child's safety this summer

The summer months sometimes mean that non-custodial parents have children in their home. This can be a challenge because they need to be sure that the children are safe and healthy for the duration of their visit. There are several things that you need to consider if your children are coming to spend their holiday time with you.

Parents who have children old enough to stay home alone have additional things to worry about in terms of safety. You have to make sure that you set rules and expectations for what is appropriate while your children are alone. You also need to do your part to keep them safe.

Tips for resolving parental disputes without hurting the kids

If you've decided to become a coparent and share joint custody with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you're bound to encounter some form of conflict with the other parent of your child at some point in the future. Although some ex-spouses can certainly pass through post-divorce parenthood without any kind of arguments, it's not that uncommon. As such, you'll want to develop an action plan for conflict resolution and build it into your divorce settlement.

The best way to address issues relating to parental conflict is through a strategically drafted parenting plan that includes various provisions for resolving disagreements.

How divorce effects retirement accounts and the use of a QRDOs

If you are seriously thinking about getting a divorce in Illinois, you likely have a lot of questions about the potential outcome of the divorce. Unless you have an ironclad prenuptial agreement, however, there is very little that anyone can accurately predict about the outcome of a divorce.

You may worry about your spouse hiding assets, who will get to keep the house or how the divorce will affect your retirement. If the courts have to make key decisions about how to divide your assets, you will have very little control over the end results of your divorce. That can feel frightening to many people.

6 cases when you should definitely divorce

No divorced spouse in Lake Zurich will tell you that the process of separating from a spouse is easy. Many of them will tell you that they were happier and more confident with themselves in the long-run, but they will rarely tell you that divorce was an enjoyable experience.

Divorced spouses -- if they were the ones who made the decision to end their marriage -- will also tell you that it was an extremely difficult choice to make. In fact, some people debate for years about whether they should end their marriages. If you're experiencing a back-and-forth dialog about your decision to divorce, this is normal.

Nobody said that divorce would be easy: Here's how to cope

Nobody promised that divorce will be a happy experience. Although numerous couples are publicising their divorces as celebrations with "divorce parties" the reality of divorce in the vast majority of cases is that it's not easy; it doesn't feel good; and it's not a "party."

Getting a divorce could reflect the loss of a dream, it involves the painful task of "getting real," and the financial, legal, parenting and emotional aspects of divorce can be overwhelming.

Divorce and the holidays: You can handle both

Divorce is never easy. You might have to make decisions on who gets the house in Lake Zurich, who gets the kids for holidays, and even where the family dog is going to live. With the holidays right around the corner, it may seem like an impossible task to start the divorce process and manage the stress of the season. Fortunately, is it not as difficult as it may seem.

With a little bit of preparation and planning, you will be able to handle the holidays in the midst of your divorce. For some tips on overcoming the challenges, read below.

Parenting provisions: Parent participation in a child's education

When parents get involved in the education of their children, everyone benefits. The parents can make sure their child is receiving the best education possible, the child in school feels supported by the parents, and teachers are better at being more effective in their jobs.

However, sometimes following a divorce, one parent will not take interest in participating in one's child's or children's educations. Alternatively, one parent might try to prevent the other parent's participation. As such, parents may therefore want to make their expectations about school participation clear in a parenting provision.

Alimony: What records should I keep?

Illinois residents paying alimony are usually not entirely happy about it. Even if you can see the "logic" behind your need to pay alimony to your ex-spouse, the financial burden may not be easy for you to endure, so you'll want to take whatever tax breaks you can from the requirement.

Fortunately, those paying for alimony will not have to pay income tax on the money. You can deduct your alimony payments from your total net income and save a little bit of money on your taxes every year.

5 tips for women thinking of divorce

If you are thinking about a divorce, you may be looking for some advice on what to do and what to expect. If you have friends or family that have gone through the process, these might be good sources of information. However, if your resources are limited when it comes to other divorcees, it may be difficult to get the friendly advice you need. Like many other women in your situation, you may look to outside sources such as the internet, self-help books, and how-to divorce guides.

Another strong resource that can answer your divorce-related questions is an experienced attorney in the Lake Zurich area. From preparing your finances to handling social media posts, a good lawyer can help you take the first steps toward protecting yourself and your economic stability as you start down the road to divorce. Read further for a few divorce tips from other women that have gone through it.

You are legally bound to pay child support in Illinois

One of the worst things about getting divorced is the fear of potentially losing custody of your children. If you weren't expecting the divorce, you may suddenly find yourself living somewhere else and relegated to weekend visits. Worse still, it's possible that your former spouse may try to withhold visitation or parenting time as a means of punishing you for perceived wrongs during the marriage. When this happens, it can be tempting to just refuse to pay child support until you receive visitation. Even in situations where you are allowed to see and spend time with your children, you may feel like you don't want to pay.

This is a common feeling, but acting on it would be a mistake. Strong emotions are one of the reasons why it's so important to work with an experienced Illinois family law and divorce attorney. Legal advice can help you understand the risks involved with non-payment of child support. Not only could you face penalties and punishment from the courts, you could also be hurting your chances of receiving shared or full custody of your children when the courts finalize your divorce. It's not a risk you should take.